Not Your Typical Workshop

Far too many workshops and ‘leader development programs’ are regurgitations of conventional thinking and time-worn rehashing of 20th-century theories. The TRM Workshop is different. It was co-designed with team leaders from around the world and is based on original team science research and the practices of exceptional teams.

Watch the highlights of the TRM Workshop below.

Put Your Teams on the Path to Extraordinary

The TRM Workshop

The TRM Workshop™ is hands-on experience that gives your team leaders a fresh approach, actionable insights, and a roadmap to deployment that we guarantee will improve team performance, engagement, and well-being. The TRM Workshop can be delivered in-person or virtually, to best fit your needs.

During The TRM Workshop, you won’t get slides full of pop-psychology clichés or blind-folded tinker-toy exercises. You will get a day of experiential learning that gives you coaching and tools to craft an extraordinary team. By the end of the day you will:

  • Understand the power and importance of team purpose & norms.
  • Master the Motivational Triangle™ and learn to apply that knowledge in 1-on-1 coaching conversations.
  • Discover the fundamentals of Team Relationship Coaching and creating effective team coaching conversations.
  • Learn to use TRM (Team Relationship Management) tools to measure team development and coach your team.
  • Embrace the three actions that quickly improve team performance, engagement, and well-being.
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Beyond the Workshop

Most leader training programs fail to deliver measurable improvement. Innovative new ideas and practices can be challenging to implement, especially when every day feels like your changing tires on a moving car. We’re going to break that cycle by going together Beyond the Workshop.

Beyond the Workshop gives every workshop attendee:

  • Resources: a pdf of The Workshop Concepts, Notes, Actions, & Checklists to help you start implementing the TRM concepts immediately.
  • Team Assessment: a complimentary baseline assessment of your team using Xmetryx TRM software tools.
  • Post-Assessment Recommendations: Dr. Hurley will guide the implementation of your Xmetryx TRM deployment.

With Beyond the Workshop you will turn the ideas and skills you’ve learned into actions that lead to an exceptional team. In addition to the complimentary support, Dr. Hurley can be booked for leadership coaching sessions.

Our Guarantee. After completing The TRM Workshop, you implement the relationship coaching practices from the workshop using the Xmetryx TRM software tools on a consistent basis. if you don’t see improved team performance and engagement within six-months, as measured by your team’s Xmetryx TRM Relationship Strength Score, we’ll refund your Xmetryx TRM subscription.

Put Your Teams on the Path to Extraordinary

From Ideas to Action

The TRM 1-Day
Workshop Schedule

Crafting Extraordinary Teams: The Architecture

Team Relationship Fundamentals

▶ The Power of Purpose & Norms

▶ Purpose: Why does your team exist?

▶ Which team norms maximize performance & well-being?

Workshop: Your Team’s Purpose & Norms
Inspiring Motivation @ Work

Motivating Your Team

▶ Foundations of Motivation @ Work

▶ Universal Psychological Needs

▶ Constructing Motivational Triangles

▶ Coaching Conversations

Workshop: Coaching with the Motivational Triangle
Team Relationship Coaching

Coaching Your Team

▶ The Experience-Expectation Dynamic

▶ Real-time Feedback Exercise

▶ Case Study: Interpreting TRM Feedback

▶ Coaching Conversations

Workshop: TRM Tools & Team Coaching


Crafting Extraordinary Teams

▶ The Three Key Actions

▶ Q&A and Feedback

The TRM Virtual Workshop Schedule

Overview: Crafting Extraordinary Teams – The Elements of TRM.

Key Action: Establish clear purpose & norms. Develop the habit of using norms for team guidance and assessment.

Workshop: Team Relationship Fundamentals – The Power of Purpose & Norms

Key Action: Inspiring individual motivation by regular coaching conversations around each team member’s Motivational Triangle

Workshop: Building Motivational Triangles & delivering inspirational coaching conversations

Key Action: Team Relationship Coaching to consistently close experience – expectation gaps and maintain strong, trusting relationships.

Workshop: TRM Tools & Creating Team Relationship Coaching Conversations.

Wrap-up: The Three Actions for Crafting Extraordinary Teams


Full-Day Workshop:

Full-Day Workshop at Your Location
(up to 30 people * )

* Number of attendees is limited to optimize interaction and participation.

** Plus travel & expenses. Final quote will include all costs.

Virtual Workshop:

Three-Module Virtual Workshop
(up to 30 people* )

* Number of attendees is limited to optimize interaction and participation. The Virtual TRM Workshop exercises are team based. Participants should be together in the same video conference equipped room.

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