Inspire your team, organization or community with keynote or learning and development presentations that focus them on the importance of strong, trusting relationships and the “HOW” of crafting extraordinary teams.

How to Craft an Extraordinary Team

A 45- to 60-minute presentation that will:

  • Raise your understanding of how team relationships dramatically affect business and execution risk along with team effectiveness and performance.
  • Instill a sense of the power and importance of team purpose & norms.
  • Reveal a simple approach to inspiring motivation in every team member.
  • Explain Team Relationship Coaching- the one habit of every exceptional team leader.
  • Give you three actions to quickly improve team performance, engagement, and well-being.

The Essentials of TRM

The stakes have never been higher. Complex problems demanding innovative solutions requires the determination and motivation of the best minds. Yet, too often the reality on a team is low energy and engagement. A few teams succeed in overcoming that reality and deliver exceptional performance. Many don’t.

Based on the book Team Relationship Management: The Art of Crafting Extraordinary Teams, The Essentials of TRM outlines ideas and actions that come from first-hand experience of what does and doesn’t work on the front lines, along with research insights from the best minds in the team leadership field.

Team Relationship Management is the key to dramatically reducing business and execution risk and significantly improving team effectiveness and performance. Crafting Extraordinary Teams: The Essentials of TRM is ideal for team development or ‘lunch and learn’ sessions and can be presented in-person or via webinar.

Reshaping Leadership for the 21st Century

A 60- to 90-minute talk that will:

  • Inspire an understanding of the vital importance of strong, trusting team relationships to putting an organization on the path to extraordinary.
  • Bring history alive with a walk through the rise of teams in the 20th
  • Highlight the characteristics of exceptional teams in the 21st
  • Captivate the audience with stories of extraordinary teams ranging from an Israeli Air Force fighter squadron to the team that built the number one bar in Asia.
  • Describe what it takes to attract and inspire a new generation of millennial team leaders.

Want Extraordinary? Get Relationships.

The 20th century was dominated by a ‘hierarchy and heroes’ narrative of bosses who were portrayed as transforming their organizations through the command and control of the legions beneath them. Today’s organizations must reshape themselves around teams and networks of teams and transform people’s mindsets from leadership being a person, to leadership as a collaborative, shared process. The chemistry of exceptional teams is a product of single-minded preparation and steadfast determination to excel. These teams focus on developing the few habits that lead to excellence:

  • Laying a foundation of enduring trust
  • Encouraging behaviors that inspire
  • Coaching that keeps relationships strong

Based on the book Team Relationship Management: The Art of Crafting Extraordinary Teams, Want Extraordinary? Get Relationships emphasizes that extraordinary teams combine adaptability, resilience, and a relentless will to win with collective selflessness. Because, in the 21st century, a team leader’s success depends less on skills or brilliance and more on humility and the ability to inspire the best in people.

Want Extraordinary? Get Relationships. is an ideal keynote for leadership and people development focused conferences and kicking-off leadership development programs.


Beyond Buzzwords and Pop-Psychology

A 45- to 60-minute talk designed to:

  • Provide the audience with insights into one of the most widely tested and cross-culturally validated approaches to work motivation.
  • Describe the basics of motivation and how people experience it day-to-day at home and work.
  • Discuss the dynamics of distance and culture – and how to motivate people across both.
  • Leave attendees with a simple, powerful approach to inspiring individual motivation that will enhance personal development and team performance and well-being.

Inspiring Motivation @ Work

Would you hire an attorney or a surgeon without doing at least some homework on the person’s background and qualifications? Most people respond with a resounding “NO!”. Yet, when it comes to taking advice on how to motivate, energize, and engage people within an organization few leaders are equally diligent. Most of the ‘expert’ opinions either come from academics with little to no field experience leading teams, or ex-corporate managers and consultants who lack an in-depth understanding of behavioral science.

Inspiring Motivation @ Work: Beyond Buzz-Words and Pop-Psychology combines what behavioral science knows with decades of experience leading and developing teams in the field. Dr. Hurley’s talk reflects an understanding of the ‘changing tires on a moving car’ of a modern team leader’s day-to-day reality, and provides a straightforward, behavioral science-based answer to the question, “How do I motivate each person on my team?”

Inspiring Motivation @ Work: Beyond Buzzwords and Pop-Psychology is designed for team leaders and their teams. The approach and practices outlined are extremely effective whether your team is local or global, virtual, and cross-cultural.

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