Team Relationship Management


Team Relationship Management


There’s a Silent Killer Among Teams

Whether spread by toxic behaviors, a lack of trust, or well-intended, but inexperienced or untrained, leaders, the cause is the same: dysfunctional relationships. Its victims are energy, engagement, and the human spirit. It kills off innovation and performance, and affects mental and physical health.

The cure? Build strong, trusting relationships on and across teams. You’ll immediately reduce wasted effort, unhappiness, stress, and turnover; and increase energy, motivation, well-being and effectiveness.

But for leaders whose days already feel like they’re changing tires on a moving car, the question is always: HOW?

The answer is Team Relationship Management.

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Want Extraordinary? Get Relationships.

The stakes have never been higher. Complex problems demanding innovative solutions require the collaboration of the best minds. Yet, too often trust is low, and people are disengaged, putting teams into a downward spiral of mediocrity or worse. Then there are the stellar exceptions: teams that consistently deliver exceptional performance. The critical question isn’t why, or what…But HOW?

After nearly 30 years in VP, GM, and CEO roles, Dr. Hurley spent five years walking in the shoes of today’s team leaders while earning his doctorate in leadership. The answer to “how” became evident as he experienced what was and wasn’t working on the front lines, then combined his research with insights from the best minds in the field:

  • People want and need healthy relationships at work to do their best and be their best.
  • As a leader, you must be relentless in closing the gaps that erode strong, trusting relationships.

In Team Relationship Management, you’ll learn “how” to develop and sustain the strong, trusting relationships people need at work, along with a practical, field-proven approach with three specific actions to master the art of crafting extraordinary teams.

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